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Beer is permitted only with a valid Beer Permit obtained from the Town of Marana. A Beer Permit must be purchased in person at the Parks & Recreation Department and valid photo ID be presented. Liquor is prohibited. Beer permit holders must produce proof of permit upon request. Additional fees apply.

(Only Jumping Castle/Inflatable vendors approved by the Town of Marana are permitted. List of Approved vendors will be provided by Town of Marana)


Jumping Castles/inflatables/children amusements must be provided by vendors approved by the Town of Marana. No personally-owned jumping castles/inflatables are permitted in Town parks. Town of Marana Parks and Recreation will provide a list of approved vendors upon request. 

I will be having a jumping castle/inflatable/children amusements and I acknowledge and understand that I must use only Town-approved jumping castle/inflatable/children amusements vendors.


Some Town of Marana facilities feature portable/temporary pitching mounds. Permit holders may use or move portable pitching mounds at their own risk subject to the Park Usage Terms and Conditions listed above and the Release and Indemnification Agreement provided below. Permit holders may not remove the mounds from their assigned fields or relocate the mounds to other facilities without written permission of the Parks and Recreation Department. If used, permittee is responsible to return temporary mounds to foul territory at conclusion of reservation.



  • Permit holders must produce their copy of any permit upon request by park personnel. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Fees for facility use are non-refundable in the event of non-use, rain or shorter duration.
  • Tents and canopies must be weighted down and secured. Sandbags and/or water barrels may be used. Staking is permitted only in approved areas.
  • The use of Kiddie Trains, waterslides, pools, and hooved animals is prohibited in Town parks.
  • Permit holders must pay the Town within ten days from the date of use of the facilities for any and all loss, breakage or need for repair of any piece of furniture, equipment or portion of facility.
  • The burden of proof shall be upon the permit holder to prove that any damage was not caused by the permit holder or his/her organization.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel any reservation prior to scheduled use due to unforeseen Town of Marana conflicts, in which case the permit holder will be notified in advance and all pre-paid fees refunded.
  • The Town reserves the right to revoke the right to use the facilities at any time, including during an event if there is a danger of injury or damage to person(s) or property.
  • The permitted use of the facilities by a user does not, in any way, constitute an endorsement by the Town of Marana of the user's policies or beliefs.
  • Permit holders must abide by all terms and conditions outlined herein, as well as all Town of Marana Parks and Recreation Regulations, as set forth in Chapter 13-1 of the Marana Town Code.
  • Cancellation or modification to permit must be made 4 days in advance or permit holder forfeits all applied fees.
  • A 10% Administrative Fee will be applied for ALL refunds or cancellations.



In consideration of the Town of Marana's acceptance of my reservation of Town facilities, I do hereby, for myself, my child/ren, my heirs, executors and assigns, release the Town of Marana and the officials, officers, agents and employees of the Town from liability for any harm, injury, or damage, which I, or my minor child/ren, may suffer while using the described facilities. This includes all risks that are connected with use of the facilities whether foreseen or unforeseen. I agree to indemnify and hold the Town of Marana and its agents, officials and employees harmless from any damage to persons or property, resulting from my, or my minor child/ren's, negligence and/or intentional acts. I assume the responsibility of mental and physical fitness for myself and my minor child/ren to use the facilities, and agree to abide by all rules and requirements for facilities usage. I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this Agreement for and in behalf of myself and/or my minor child/ren. If I am acting on behalf of an organization, I certify that I am the agent of the organization, I am acting on the organization's behalf, and I am duly authorized to execute this Release and Indemnification Agreement on the organization's behalf. By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by all the terms, conditions, rules and regulations outlined in this Facility Use Application and that I have read and undertand the terms of this Release and Indemnification Agreement and agree that I shall be bound by its terms and conditions. 

I certify that I am the named applicant in the attached application.

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